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AV System Design

To design the perfect AV system, we need to establish what the clients requirements are. We do this by actively listening to your needs and wishes. Once we have a good understanding of what is required, we can set about designing an AV system that exceeds your expectations.

Before we can do this though, we need to take time to look at the physical space in which the AV system will be located. A site visit is essential in establishing what is needed in terms of suitable equipment, layouts of the area, the acoustic environment and much more.

By combining the above, we can achieve a thorough understanding of your needs and the building layout in which the AV system is to be situated.

This knowledge combined with our our strategic alliances with leading technology manufacturers will allow us to design and build the perfect AV system solution for you.

AV System Design Schematic Drawing
AV System Design

The AV system design is then presented to our client in CAD Engineering drawings and AV schematics together with a plain English explanation of the AV system functionality.

Once the system design is agreed upon we can set about sourcing the best materials and equipment within your budget. The AV system can then be built and tested if this is a requirement. You may of course just wish us to design the system for you and then build it yourself or outsource to others. Both options are available, but we would recommend using our extensive installation knowledge to ensure a successful AV system solution.

What types of AV system do we design and build?

From the smallest stand alone PA system to a full blown Theme Park entire sound system, if you can imagine it; JT Audio Visual can design and build it.

No AV system too small or too large. With extensive experience gained over 30+ years, we offer free and impartial advice on all aspects of AV system design.

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