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AV System Integration

What is AV system integration?

To understand the meaning of AV system integration, we need to look at each section of the statement…

AV System or Audio Visual System – Involving the use of recorded pictures and sound, or the equipment that produces them.

Integration – The action or process of combining two or more things in an effective way.

From the definitions above we can see that AV system integration is combining two or more pieces of audio visual equipment in an effective way.

AV System Integration Diagram

In reality, the quantities of these pieces of equipment is usually much greater than two and they will almost certainly be made by different manufacturers.

If one manufacturer made ALL The equipment, it would probably be quite simple to connect it all together.

AV System Integration Equipment

As it is right now, different manufacturers use different technologies and getting all of these technologies to work together and enable seamless control of all devices from a single user interface will require the skill of an AV systems Integrator.

In addition to the above, the use of IT equipment in audio visual systems is the norm today. The use of IT networks for control of AV equipment is now commonplace and a good understanding of this is another part of AV system integration.

Audio Visual integration

The ability to choose the best equipment to provide a working solution within the clients budget is also a vital part of AV system integration.

Here at JT Audio Visual, we believe that AV system integration goes way beyond this and the role of the integrator is as follows…

Determine the clients vision. What problem are they trying to solve?

Site survey – Ascertain what is required to achieve the solution.

AV system design – Present an initial solution in CAD Engineering drawings and AV schematics.

Equipment procurement – Ensure all the equipment and materials are on site in an efficient and timely manner.

Regular design and project progress meetings with the client.

Ensure the solution is fully functional.

Provide training in the use of the equipment.

Provide after sales support and technical support.

This is what we believe an AV systems integrator does – It’s what we do!

With over 30 years experience, we are experts in audio visual consultancy, supply, installation and integration. We offer independent, impartial advice.

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