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Custom Made Bespoke Audio leads

Need an unusual lead for an audio or video project? Maybe you need to connect an unbalanced mono output to a stereo balanced input? Or perhaps you just need a conventional audio lead such as an XLR to Jack but need one that will stand the test of time on tour.

Whatever it is you need, we can supply custom made bespoke audio and video leads that are hand made and high quality.

We have no minimum order for our custom made leads, whether you want a thousand of them or just one.

Custom Hand made Bespoke Audio lead tascam 25 Pin
Tascam DB-25 Pin ‘D’ Connector AES59-2012

All our custom hand made bespoke audio leads are constructed using only quality components from Neutrik and cable from Van Damme.

Hand made Custom Audio Video Leads - Bose ESP
Custom Made Bose ESP Audio Input Leads

You specify the cable length and what connectors you want at each end and we will do the rest. If you have a specific connector or cable you want other than Van Damme or Neutrik, just let us know and we will make it for you.

Custom cables for studio, live sound, P.A, video applications, DJ systems and many more.

Custom made bespoke audio leads XLR
Hand Made Custom XLR Leads

From simple patch cables to massive multi-channel stage snakes and everything in between, JT Audio Visual can custom make any audio or video lead you can think of.

We can also supply a whole range of more standard hand made audio and video leads such as XLR microphone leads, XLR to jack leads, Phono to phono leads, HDMI leads. These leads are available to purchase in our shop

If you can’t find the audio or video lead you are looking for in the shop, simply contact us with your requirement.

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