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We Create Lifelike Voiceovers That Are Almost Indistinguishable From A Human’s By Using The World’s Most Advanced Technology – Order Your Voice Over Now Or Scroll Down To Hear More…

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Order voice overs online – Today! No searching numerous voice over artists to find the right voice for you. No waiting around while they get to a studio to record it.

Create Amazing, Professional Voiceovers That Sound Like Real Human Voices.

Simply choose the voice you want, let us know what you want to say and we will do the rest…

Here’s why you should order voice overs online…

Hiring a freelance voice over artist to create one can be a HUGE hassle…

Finding a Freelancer Is Time-Consuming
Not only do you have to take time out of your busy schedule to post your job requirements online, but then you have to sift through tons of responses, listening to numerous recordings, all in the hopes that you’ll ultimately hire the right person.

Voiceovers Are Expensive
For a 2-minute audio, you can expect to pay between £150 to £300 for a voiceover. And of course, each time you need a new ident or message, you have to spend the same amount again and again. By contrast, our online voiceovers costs a fraction of what one traditional VO costs, and our software produces them in super quick time!

Turnaround Can Be Slow
Freelance voice over artists can take days—a week even—before delivering a voiceover. And if you had created a video that was in need of a voice over, your project is forced to grind to a screeching halt … while you wait impatiently for your freelance VO artist to deliver.

Of course, you could always create a voiceover yourself, but unfortunately, doing that comes with its own set of problems …

While making your own voiceover sounds like a good idea, it’s not for everyone … especially if you can relate to any of the following:

I don’t like the sound of my voice.

I’m not very good at reading scripts.

My voice sounds too boring.

I want something quick and don’t want the hassle of re-recording it every time I make a mistake.

I’m a man, and my product would sell better if a woman read my script, since research shows that for some industries a woman’s voice can be perceived as more trustworthy than a man’s. (And/Or vice versa for other industries where a man’s voice could convert better than a woman’s).

English isn’t my primary language, and I think a voice without an accent would work better.

My voice sounds too young and unprofessional.

I don’t have a microphone & soundproof studio to create a professional-sounding VO.

Our Voices Sound So Close to Human Voices that You May Never Want to Use Another Traditional Voiceover Artist Ever Again!

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We use the same technology that Google & Amazon uses!

Our systems rely partially on WaveNet technology, which has been described by Forbes as being “the biggest breakthrough in artificial voice generation in more than two decades.”

Rather than stringing syllables together, WaveNet uses a set of complex rules to determine how each soundwave should be formed, so:

  • Syllables are emphasized correctly
  • Pauses for breath occur naturally & tones mimic normal speech

As a result, Wavenet is the closest to human speech of all the technologies on the market today.

If you would like to learn more about this VO technology, here’s a link to a Wikipedia page all about Wavenet.

Using our advanced software, we can convert any text to a lifelike sounding voiceover for videos, ads, audio books, and more…

Radio Station Idents.

DJ Jingles.

Theme Park & Visitor Attraction Pre-Recorded Announcements.

Podcast Intro Voice Overs.

Video Games.

On Hold Messaging.

Website Audio & Video.

Let’s Hear Some More Examples…

DJ/Radio Ident Voice Over
Theme Park Ride Announcement Voice Over
Telephone Answering / On Hold Voice Over
ebook To Audio Book Conversion – Excerpt of Immortal Rising
Book I of the Shadows Bound Trilogy
By Morgan Cole
Podcast intro Voice Over

Listen to this…

By now you are probably wondering what it will cost to have an online voice over produced for you from your text.

Remember you could be paying around £300 for a traditional VO artist to record your message. Whilst we appreciate there will always be a need for professional voice over artists for those projects that need that ‘Special’ voice, many others will simply not need that service when all that is required is to get the message across at the smallest cost possible.

Order voice overs online and save a fortune…

Our online voiceovers start from just £15 – YES, you read that right – Just £15 for a short (up to 100 words) VO with no additional music production.

Order Your Voice Over Online Today

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