Show Control Programming

What is Show Control?

Show Control Programming

Show control systems are systems that combine the control of various devices into one automated system. There can be a diverse range of devices and these may include, but are not limited to audio visual media players, lighting controllers and other electronic devices.

In today’s world, virtually anything that has a network connection can be controlled by a show control system. Even legacy equipment that has no Ethernet port may be controlled by means of MIDI, RS232, RS485, volt free contacts and even infra-red. For devices that have none of these options, an interface may be available that the show controller would talk to.

Show Controllers are used to administer areas of theme parks, heritage sites, museums and many other visitor attractions. They may also be used in some larger domestic ‘Smart Home’ installations by using proprietary software and hardware to streamline the management of audio, video, electronics, lighting, etc.

As an example, the image above shows the control panel of a show control system designed and built by JT Audio Visual using Medialon Manager software. There are many pages in this control system but the one shown is the volume level control page for each area of a theme park. This system also features controls for emergency paging microphone, park wide themed music, pre-recorded announcements, park wide lighting etc. Everything is automated and scheduled so that events such as system switch on/off, music start stop happen at pre-determined times every day without fail.

Show Control Programming

Medialon Show Control Programming

Due to the bespoke nature of show control, virtually every system is different in terms of its user control panel. Whilst most show control systems are automated, some form of control panel usually exists to allow the operator to make changes to the operation of the system and to monitor the actions of the system.

To make all this happen, the system has to be told what to do (programmed) Show control programming is the writing of the software code that makes the system do what is needed and to display the operator control panel.

JT Audio Visual specializes in programming show control systems using Medialon Manager and Medialon Showmaster software. We also work with other manufacturers control software such as Alcorn McBride. For smaller projects we also have our own bespoke software which can be used for control panels where the power of Medialon is not a requirement.

If you are considering automating your existing equipment, planning a new installation or simply need to learn more about how you could automate your venue or attraction, get in touch for free impartial advice.

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Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Programming

JT Audio Visual also provide programming services for Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

We are Bose ControlSpace Designer (CSD) V5 certified and have extensive experience in programming the whole of the range of Bose ESP processors.

We also program DSPs from BBS Audio Soundweb Blu, Extron, QSC/Qsys & many more.

If you are looking to purchase any Bose ‘Pro’ product, contact us first for the best price.

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