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UI Design

UI (User Interface) design or control panel design is where an audio visual system can excel or fail. This is the link between the user and control of the equipment.

An operator control panel (UI) needs to be easy for the user to navigate and understand.

A well designed UI is key to user experience

JT Audio Visual can design a UI that makes even the most complicated AV system appear simple to the end user.

If the control panel is for public use such as one to provide information or customer feedback, it can be made secure in a lockable enclosure to prevent tampering or theft.

Using our bespoke UI design software, control panels can be designed to incorporate company branding in terms of logo or colour palette.

We can supply complete ready to use UI panels to control new installations/existing equipment or just provide programming services.

Whether it’s just a simple panel to control a projector or a complete theme park audio visual system, JT Audio Visual can design and build a User Interface that exceeds your expectations.

Need to control something? AV system? Window Blinds? Garage doors? Whatever it is, we can design a solution for you.

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